Timely delivery of cargo with innovative solutions that meet specific requirements. Transport of wagons and freight trains. With our professional staff, transportation costs are minimized and the most suitable shipping scheme is prepared and presented to the customer.

Railway freight

We offer you logistic and transport services, which are important in railway freight transportation.

Cross Sea Solution

Contact us to take advantage of cargo transportation in the Caspian and Black seas.


Our company carries out regular container transportation between Europe and Asia.

Providing rolling stock

Carry out the transportation of the goods from the producer to the consumer with the wagons that we consider suitable for your company.

Delivery to address

Our employees will send the goods to the address according to the requirements of the customers.

Customs service

Our professional staff will help you not only with cargo transportation, but also with customs clearance.

Expedition Services

If you want to take an important place in the changing and developing world market, use the forwarding services of our company.

Wagon repair

Our company organizes the repair of each damaged wagon.

Washing and steaming of tank-wagons

Another service we provide to our customers at affordable prices is washing and steaming of tank wagons.


Loading and unloading of goods in the terminals is carried out with the most modern techniques.

For more information about our services, you can send us a message or visit our office.